What is time?


What is time?

Does it flow equally through everybody?

Then why does a moment look like a millennium to a sick man?

Also, why does one hour look like a second to a pair of lovers?

A child may lose track of time while playing and may feel a boring class too long to bear

A clerk may drudge decades through paperwork but remembers only one happy moment (marriage in the family) from those decades-nothing else

Time being what it is relentless, ceaseless and seamless-all-encompassing and all pervading-taking the sick man’s anguish, the bliss of lovers, the gay abandon of a child, the drudgery of the clerk or a happy remembrance -all in its bosom with equanimity.

Our perception of a moment-happier makes it seem short and sad moments makes it seem long -makes time feel momentary or stretching into infinity.


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