Highway v/s Crossroads


Highway v/s Crossroads

In any journey we undertake in life, we encounter two types of situations:

1: A highway: a smooth long road without any speed breakers, traffic or potholes.

2: A cross road: an intersection where the vertical and horizontal roads meet, slows down our movement, loud honking and commotion is prevalent.

But on the contrary,

The highway doesn’t give you a choice of a course correction, which the cross road gives.

As much as we like the speed and comfort of a highway, we need a crossroad to take a turn and reach our destination.

No life can be as smooth as a highway ride-smooth and fast. Some crossroads are necessary to break the speed (arrogance) and on opportunity for course correction-right, left or even a “U” turn.

Identify the phases of “highways” and “crossroads” in your life and respect both of them for a safe and smooth journey.


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